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Spring Awakening

“We’re talking about metamorphosis

We’re talking about going from a caterpillar to a butterfly

We’re talking about how to become a butterfly.”

-Ram Dass

I just saw the first red-breasted robin of the year. Purple crocuses are pushing through the hardened earth. Six o’clock, and it’s still just a little bit light. Winter is almost over. I anxiously await the coming of spring.

But wait! This morning, many of us awakened to a fresh snowfall. Cars were piled at the bottom of my hill, unable to pass through the new snowfall. Still winter? What’s going on? I’ve heard friends complaining about the long winter, and of the deadened weight our political climate hanging on us all. I hear laments about increasing financial problems, relational problems, family problems, illness, traumas. Sometimes the heaviness seems too much to bear in the experiences my friends and clients share with me. It feels unfair and even unbearable. And so, we wait. We wait for change.

What are you waiting for?

I await spring, for the red tulips, to be able to once again sit on my deck, face to the light, to feel the warmth of the sun. I’m waiting for color. For energy. For light flowy blouses. And I’m waiting for my trip to Teotihuacan, Mexico, with my group of women.

I’m taking these women to a very special place. A place of high energy and power, of ancestral history, and sacred ground. There, the feeling of millions of light molecules swim in the air. As we walk through the light saturated ancient pyramid site, which sits atop caves where ancestors gathered, we feel almost as if our neurological pathways are reconnecting to a higher vibration.

Paradoxically, I am reminded that even through the dark endless Northwest winter, I really could stop waiting. I could stop re-living the past and waiting for the future. I forget that. I forget constantly. Then I remember Teotihuacan humming its vibrational song, which to me says, in the words of Ram Dass, Be Here Now.

Remember that wonderful book? Be Here Now, by Ram Dass? Back in the day, when there weren’t many books on spirituality and consciousness available, a wonderful little book by Ram Dass appeared on the shelves, telling us all that we were divine beings, and that all we really needed to do was to breathe, remember, and to ‘be here now’, in the present moment.

Be Here Now by Ram Dass
Be Here Now by Ram Dass

If you are a millennial, you may not even know about that little gem of a book, and though it may seem dated, I recommend you pick up a copy, put it by your bedside, forego a Netflix episode, and read it.

With our busy lives, jobs, families, kids, obligations, even creative projects, how often do we remember to stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. When I remember, I check in with myself. How am I doing? What’s going on inside of me? What does my deeper, inner self want me to know? What did I dream?

When I re-member, I bring those parts of myself back, and I find that I am more able to connect with others more meaningfully, to respond with authenticity, to find creative solutions to things and to laugh more! When I am present, I feel more capacity for joy.

My group of women are already preparing for their trip to Teotihuacan in April, as am I. I know that I will feel a re-boot of light, energy and capacity to remember my divinity, even after I leave. I can almost hear the ancients calling me home. In the meantime, I stop and remind myself that I am here.


If you are a woman, and you want to connect to your deepest self, please join us for an adventure of inquiry into the divine feminine at Teotihuacan on April 21-27. There are still a few spots left!



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