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 “Your visions will become clear

only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes.”

- Carl Jung


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Teotihuacan 2024

Dates Coming Soon

We are moving forward toward our Women’s Sacred Journey to Teotihuacan and Mexico City!

Open to the Miracle of Extraordinary Energy at Teotihuacan.

Surrender Fear and Self Limitation!

Allow the Energy of Creation to Introduce you to your Pure Essence

Teotihuacan is a 2000-year-old archeological UNESCO site, a fascinating physical place. But, it is much more than that! It is known as the place where humans become divine!

Exquisite energies exist there that support the deconstruction of outmoded habitual ways of being and assist in the ‘uploading’ of a regenerated, more vibrant, more authentic self in relation to Spirit.

Come together with other women in this place; as women have gathered here for centuries, making magic, weaving stories, supporting each other in losses and gains. We will learn ways to support one another, experiencing expansion and regeneration before we step back into a world where powerful well-resourced women are needed!

What to Expect

You’ll arrive in Mexico City late in the day. You’ll make your way to a designated hotel where

we will meet/greet and begin our first circle.

After breakfast, we meet again as a group and then travel to the Museum of Anthropology and

the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexcio City. We’ll travel to the Dreaming House that evening,

enjoying a meal, resting and preparing for your 5 day journey in Teotihuacan.

The next few days will be spent at the Dreaming House and on the site of Teotihuacan.

Trip add on: On the last day you may opt to continue onto the Tolontongo Hot Springs.

Our driver will take you to an amazing hot springs set into the side of a mountain– where you

will luxuriate in the healing waters and caves of the Divine Mother. Stay two nights to rest and

relax. It is a perfect way to end your journey! The Dreaming House driver will take you back to

the airport or Mexico City.

One Day in Mexico City

We take a break to visit the memorable Museum of Anthropology where original works of art and ancient ritual objects from Teotihuacan are displayed.

After lunch at the museum we visit The Basilica of Guadalupe. We’ll visit the Temple of Tapiac, where Guadalupe materialized. You will learn about the synergy between the Sacred Feminine energies of Guadalupe and of Tonantzin, The Great Goddess of the Mayans and Aztecs. We will experience an authentic sweat lodge, held by indigenous medicine women, a birthing ceremony in nearby caves, a fire and/or cacao ceremony, and lots of time with women sharing our stories, our struggles and our joy.

We will practice shamanic journeying, breathwork, sacred mirror work, and more!

Your Accommodation

The Dreaming House is a compound run by a Mexican family, on the grounds of Teotihuacan, in the little town of St. Sabastian. You will share a comfortable clean room, decorated in simple Mexican-country style, with a group member (or you can opt for a private at a slightly higher cost). The Dreaming House is a gated compound which is securely protected for your safety.

Getting There

You’ll arrive in Mexico City within a designated time frame. Our driver from The DreamingHouse will pick you up at the airport. If you cannot arrive during the designated time frame you will take a taxi or call our driver at your expense. 

Going Home

Our driver at The Dreaming House will take the group to the airport on the last day. Travel costs outside the designated time frame will be arranged at your own expense.

The Exchange

Your all-inclusive cost offering is $1,595.00. This includes your room and board, transportation to and from the airport, transportation to and from the Teo site and Mexico City, the sweat lodge, park entrance fees, guard fees, teachings, yoga and practices. This does not include airfare or taxi.



Events, Groups & Retreats

Antonia is a dynamic and warm group leader, and has a passion for facilitating workshops, retreats and groups. She has led groups for women, couples, shamanic ‘medicine work’, transformational work, expressive arts therapy and bioenergetics (somatic) groups, and ‘Listening Mother’ groups.


Besides her private practice, Antonia leads groups for people interested in shamanic and transformational work.


Check out upcoming events, workshops and retreats below!

If you are interested in starting a group with friends, community or company, let's  connect. 


Antonia has taught Indigenous Healing Practices at Bastyr University as an adjunct faculty member, and has led groups teaching the Andean (Peruvian) tradition of the Medicine Wheel and has facilitated many different Toltec or other shamanic workshops.


She has worked with indigenous shamans and medicine people in Peru, Mexico and Colombia, and has hosted shamans, such as “Grandmother Nadia” from as far away as Siberia, and Francis Rico from California. Antonia is very grateful for all she has learned from them.

Groups & Ceremonies

Spiral Medicine Wheel,

A Transformational Group For Women

A women’s program designed to bring women back to their natural connection with their bodies, minds, and spiritual connection, to empower and direct clear purpose in the world.


Check out the upcoming Spirit Medicine Wheel workshops listed above.

Antonia teaches Shamanic journey and Shamanic practices. Learn more here.

Shamanic Journeying & Shamanic Practices

Fire Ceremony

Antonia offers periodic fire ceremonies on her property on Vashon Island. These events are free and open to anyone. Fire ceremonies give participants an opportunity to bring personal and spiritual concerns to the fire for release and rejuvenation.

Pronounced mih-toe-tay, Mitote, is an ancient Mexican shamanic dreaming ceremony. Participants work with the elements in nature, and enter into a light trance state. The practice includes sleeping and waking throughout the night to induce a hypnogogic state. Increased awareness and deep insights, awareness, and healing can occur.


Next Mitote: Summer 2023 ~ stay tuned!


Despacho Ceremony

Despacho Ceremony is a traditional Peruvian ceremony where prayers are built inside of a paper bundle. Candies, foods and other natural elements are used to build a beautiful ‘mandala’ of living prayers. The despacho is either buried, burned or floated in a ceremonial way afterward. Despachos are very effective and are typically done for major life transitions, healing, gratitude, ‘ayni’ (right relationship). They are effective for individuals, businesses, groups or special occasions.


"I participated in a year long group held by Antonia for a small group of women. Antonia knows how to hold a circle beautifully! She keeps a safe container, is deeply knowledgeable, free from dogma and full of humor! Anyone interested in delving deeper into shamanic wisdom, the knowledge of our ancestors and inquiry into the mythical self will be in good hands with her.”

— Anne Siems

Spiral Medicine Wheel Group Participant

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