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One Who Sees

in the Dark

Shamanic Therapy & Healing

Shamanism originated in Siberia thousands of years ago. The word shaman means “one who sees in the dark.” The intent of a shaman is to empower the client and free them from impeding influences from the past, present and future.


Shamanism is not a religion. It is a way of being and a way of being in ‘ayni’ or harmony, with everything around us. The forces of nature, the seasons, our relationship with the earth, with one another, with ourselves.


For thousands of years, shamans knew how to “see” energy, and they knew how to shift it for healing purposes. We are all comprised of electromagnetic energy, which, with training, almost anyone can learn to perceive and work with. By clearing the luminous field of energy, we can clear issues from the past and perhaps even past lives in a fraction of the time it takes in traditional psychotherapy.


Shamans share the belief that all problems are rooted in spiritual imbalance, whether those problems are physical, emotional or otherwise. By shifting the “assemblage point” of our energy field we begin to “feel better.” Many people report a general sense of well being, a lightness, a sense of connection to others and to the environment that wasn’t there before.


We can have a trained energy practitioner do this for us, and we can also learn, through practice to do it for ourselves through meditation and breathing techniques that eventually shift our state of awareness.


I offer private energy healing sessions and packages by appointment, in person or distance healing through video conferencing. I also incorporate shamanic healing along with traditional psychotherapy, a rare, but effective combination.

I look forward to learning how I might assist you in your healing and growth, please contact me for a consultation.

"These were the woods the river and sea

Where a boy

Whispered the truth of his joy.

To the trees and the stones and the fish in the tide.

And the mystery sang alive."

- Dylan Thomas


  • Shamanic journeying or dreaming

  • Illuminations

  • Extractions

  • Soul retrieval

  • Clearing pain and trauma

  • Healing on every level (physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Assisting the dying

  • Medicine Ceremony

What can you expect from a shamanic energy session?

There are many ways to experience an energy session. Generally, clients lay comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table.


First, the client will state what issue or problem they wish to work with. I will guide the client to breathe deeply. I enter an altered state of consciousness and may “see” or “know” how to work with the energy that is blocked and  will access guides or helpers to assist with the healing.  You may speak about your experience while in a deep dream like state.


Once this state of healing is reached, you will be relaxed and I will help guide the client into a lighter more healed state, known as an illumination. You may experience the energy dramatically, or you may find it quite subtle.

I have over 20 years of experience in the shamanic arts. As a graduate of the Light Body School at The Four Winds Society with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, I bring Peruvian and Toltec shamanism together with years of shamanic and spiritual training, travel, intuitive experience and psychotherapeutic, bioenergetic, and spiritual practice into my sessions with clients.


I apprenticed under a Toltec Teacher from the Toltec lineage of Eagle Knights and  continued to study with other Toltec teachers including Francisco Rico and under Heather Ash’s Spirit Weaver Program.


I have worked with a variety of teachers and shamans including, Hank Wessleman, Andrew Harvey and indigenous Peruvian, Mexican, Siberian and Colombian shamans and medicine people.

Antonia now offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, psychedelic prep and integration, and personally designed ceremonies for individuals and couples

My Shamanic Training

Individual sessions and packages available.


How to Create Your Own Fire Ceremony

Listen to a step by step guide on how to create your own fire ceremony.

How to create a fire ceremonyAntonia Greene
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Shamanic Photos


“My experience with Antonia has been very rewarding. Her shamanic energy work is outstanding and I felt major shifts within my being during my session and really felt a change for the better. As a shamanic healer myself, with 20 years of practice, I would indeed highly recommend Antonia for anyone who is truly ready to move forward in their life."

— Glen Bishop

Shamanic Healing Client

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