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Summer Solstice Circle: Igniting the Light in Dark Times

"Healing" by Autumn Skye Morrison

In these darkening days of the Great Unravelling, it is important for us to come together in sacred circle to honor the seeds from the dark and reinforce the light through ritual and community.

We invite you to join us in a Summer Solstice Circle to align with the powerful energies of Solstice on Saturday, June 20th from 5pm - 6:30pm. This is a free, live, online event for women.

We will attune ourselves toward a vision of what is possible as we bear witness to the shadow patterns in ourselves that no longer serve us or the world.

It is my honor to be co-leading this ceremony with my dear friend and colleague, Suzanne Anderson, co-author of The Way of The Mysterial Woman, Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead, psychologist, thought leader and founder of Mysterial Woman.

We are needed as women leaders who can embrace both the dark and the light. And we will need each other to heal ourselves and the world.


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