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Return to Love ❤️

Do you feel it? Everyone is talking about the shift we’re in, and it certainly seems to be so.

It’s been foretold by mystics and seers that the world, as we know it, will begin to change. Some say we are on the brink of destruction. Others say that we’re moving into a new age of profound compassion and a new paradigm. What do you think?  

How do we navigate the grief and fear that many of us feel in the face of politics, climate change, and every other natural and unnatural occurrence facing us?  

It’s helpful to remember that the world that we see is not the whole picture! The whole picture becomes clearer as we step away from fear and old patterns, and step toward that thing called Love.

Yes, it really is that simple. And that difficult. It’s the Love that starts inside and radiates outward to all, yes, ALL living beings!  

There are places and practices that can support you in your personal shift from fear to Love.

1. Start with yourself. Practice self-Love. Use a light touch and more laughter towards yourself. For real! Say, “Dear One, you are so pure of heart and true, that’s why you are Love through and through.” Or simply look in the mirror and say out loud, “I love you."

2. Choose Love, not fear. So, when you’re standing in the grocery line and someone cuts in front of you, breathe through your irritation and then smile. Know that the beloved sister, who must be in a terrible hurry, is an emanation of Love, just like YOU. Start practicing seeing Everything and Everyone as the Beloved.      

3. Meditation. Quiet that restless mind so that you can find the Beloved inside yourself.

4. Practice the Four Agreements (Miguel Ruiz)

6. Spend time in nature. She helps to quiet our minds too.

7. Be with your Beloveds. And choose harmony as an intention when you’re with them.

8. Do something gentle and kind for someone else. Then do it for yourself too.

All can help to raise your vibration and create a resonance of Love.

And here’s another wondrous thing: journey to Teotihuacan with us, where we will work with the Divine Feminine. The theme of this spring’s trip is Beyond Sacrifice. My dear shamanista sister, Mugoux, will be co-teaching with me on this trip. Yay!

Please join us. You will be so glad you did. We still have a few spots, so hurry!  



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