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Lucid Dreaming

In February, the dead of winter, many of us feel like sinking into a warm fire at home, tea or soup, fuzzy sweaters, cuddling up with our loved ones or pets. I know I sometimes wish I were a bear so I could hibernate until the blossoms emerge from the cold ground. But sometimes in winter I find that my dreams become more vivid, easier to track, and if I pay attention, my dreams can be informers from the inside.   In the Toltec tradition, a great deal of emphasis is placed on our dreams. Not only because they can teach us a great deal about ourselves, but if we can learn to be lucid dreamers, we can actually change the outcome of our dreams, and thereby change the outcome of certain events in our lives. There are ways we can support our dreaming practices.

  • Keeping a notebook or recorder next to your bed so you can readily record your dream the moment you awaken.

  • Giving yourself a command like ‘I WILL dream and I will remember my dreams tonight’ is a good beginning.

In the Toltec tradition we hold a ceremony called a mitote – the all night dreaming ceremony. (Coming, summer of 2020).   If you want to increase your dreaming intentions in order to support your healing and transformative work, Teotihuacan is a place that can provide an enormous upgrade in your dreaming and other awareness practices.  Join me and Mugoux on our Journey to Teotihuacan and the Divine Feminine for Women.  We feel so blessed to be leading this next journey with women, where we will be in this remarkable place of pure light and inspiration. The theme for this year’s journey is ‘Beyond Sacrifice’.

Come dream with us, at the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan, Mexico.



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