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Honoring the Divine Feminine This New Year

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

As we approach a time of shifting sands, deep divisions and climate crisis, I enjoyed imagining that whoever etched those words into the sand meant to wish our Mother Earth that new year’s blessing. 

Tonantzin is the name of the ancient Aztec Mother Goddess, or the living Earth Herself offering all of her children nourishment and nurturing support and life. How often do we think to stop and thank her or honor her? Life supports life -- so it is important to remember Her in her many names and forms -- whether we call her Earth Mother, Tonantzin, Gaia, Pacha Mama, Guadalupe or any name from whatever culture we come from or identify with.

We know that through the ages of patriarchy and religious co-opting, the attempt to eliminate the Sacred Feminine was nearly successful. But not anymore. My experiences have lead me to Her, and in turn to serve Her by teaching others to welcome and honor Her within themselves. 

Consider going to your local beach, park, backyard, or anywhere there is earth beneath your feet. Touch the ground. Feel the living earth beneath your feet. Thank her. Wish her a Happy New Year. Make an offering to her with tobacco, corn meal, wine, chocolate, or your best breath.

Though time to Her is a laughable concept, it is important that we remember to do all we can to preserve her. Because preserving her means saving ourselves. We can start by kissing the ground. 

Women, if you wish to fully connect to the deep, wild feminine within yourself, consider giving yourself the gift of our Journey to Teotihuacan. Let “Her” lead you through deep underground mystery of who you really are. More information here.

Happy New Year! 



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