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Happy Winter Solstice: Open To Light

This Solstice, I will hold a private fire ceremony. (Group fire ceremonies will be coming back soon!) When I do fire ceremony, I come to the presence of the Ancient Ones. The sun comes to earth in my fire pit, and I can then talk to the Old Grandfather. I sense the spirits of the land tipping their ears to hear what I’m doing. I believe they really like to be honored. In no time I find that I am in the presence of beings I cannot see with my physical eye but I can see with my mind’s eye.

I remember that I am not this human body but a consciousness that has the privilege of living in the body bag called Antonia for a short time. Feeling the cold earth beneath me as I kneel by the fire, I become present to the heat on my body from the flames, and the light in my eyes. Praying becomes more dynamic and immediate. The portal we make in agreement with the fire becomes palpable. I feel seen and heard.

In shamanism, we seek the right relationship between all living things. During a time where so much in the world is out of balance, I can find a few moments of harmony within myself and with the fire.

I will pray for all souls to make their evolutionary transitions with grace and ease. I will pray for my family, my friends, my clients, and the earth. I will pray that I remember who I am; a manifestation of the Divine, and so are you. I will walk from the fire feeling cleansed and ready. Ready for the light.

Though I am not holding an open fire ceremony this solstice, I invite you to take a few moments, light a candle, or simply face the light. Remind yourself that you are more than your work, your activities, your hopes or fears about the past or future.

Open to Spirit. Open to You. Open to Light.

What’s Next?

People are asking about upcoming events, groups or ceremonies. Many of you know that I am taking a hiatus from facilitation due to family factors. We have recently brought my 100-year-old mama home, which has taken up a great deal of time, energy and resources. I’m learning to surrender to love. I’m itching to teach and get moving again, so don’t worry, I’ll be back. Right now it’s all about love, care, family and surrendering to what is mine to do, regardless of what my ego mind wants.

One thing you can do - if you are a woman, and you want to upgrade your spiritual connection, give yourself the gift of my Divine Feminine Women’s Journey to Teotihuacan! We’re still running our special discounted price until January 1st so don’t delay!



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