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Happy Autumn! Exciting Things Coming...

A quick trip to Mount Shasta to celebrate my birthday

As summer passes into the soft rain of Northwestern autumn, we are called once again to reap the harvest of our seeds planted. What were those seeds? What flowers or foods have offered themselves to you from your plantings?  A long time ago on September 23, which is my birthday, I experienced a miracle. It was one of those warm Indian summer days, and I was sitting by the water on one of my favorite beaches on Puget Sound. I heard a subtle voice inside, which said, “Get in the water.” I heard, but I considered it to be a metaphor, and so I continued to sit there in my contemplative reverie. I heard it again, “Get in the water.” I answered, in my mind, saying, “Thank you, but I’m not prepared to go in the water. It’s cold, and I’m not wearing the right clothing.” I heard it again, “Get In the Water!” I argued again, and I heard it again.  “Okay!” I surrendered.    As I stepped into the water, following that inner voice telling me to keep going deeper, I realized that the tide was coming in quickly. By the time I was waist deep into the water, the tide met me and I was up to my neck in cold water. Then the voice said, “If you step in, you will be met.” I listened to that voice and I have never forgotten that message. I stepped more fully into MY life, my shamanic training, my deepest callings, and my life has been met by Spirit, every inch of the way. Even during the most challenging times, I have never again felt alone. 

Check out the seeds I've planted that are almost ready for harvest... I hope you can join me!


I will be offering an apprenticeship program for women, beginning in January. If you are ready to sink into a more intensive program and a deeper level of commitment with your spiritual practices this group is for you.  It will be limited to a small group (15 maximum), so your experience will be deep and rich. The group will meet in person four times quarterly and in between online for the duration of one year. The group will concentrate on advanced shamanic journey work, healing practices, exploration into the Divine Feminine, intensive psychological self-examination, self-nurturing, contemplative practices, self-awareness awakening, and learning to become the conduit for the Divinity and divine feminine sacred vessel that you are. This will be an intensive process and deep commitment to yourself and to your relationship to Spirit. 

By the end you will:

  • Have greater awareness of your own psychological blocks and complexes

  • Learn to move beyond these blocks and complexes

  • Learn to access your connection to Spirit at any time

  • Learn healing techniques to offer to others

  • Enhance your skills and intuitive practices

  • Assist the Divine Feminine as she reclaims her place in the world

  • Define, design, and find support in coming into alignment with your soul’s purpose

  • Access self-awareness, self-care, appropriate action and healing for others in the world, and the important work of holding a higher vibration within yourself for a better world!

This group is for women therapists, healers, or women who have done work in therapy or the equivalent with a strong commitment to their spiritual lives and wish to make themselves vessels for the Divine Feminine.  Please contact me if you are interested and would like to apply. Stay tuned for more information! 

Antonia Greene Therapist Shaman


Kelly Walsh and I will be holding monthly drumming/vision circles. The group will be open, where people can come and practice shamanic journeying. Any level of experience appropriate. Dates to be announced soon, stay tuned...


Save the date for March 9-14, 2020 for my next trip to Teotihuacan, Mexico. More info can be found here.



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