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Can You Feel The Energy Shifting?

2020 is a big energetic year. How will you take advantage of this energetic shift? It's an opportunity to jump tracks into a new energy field that’s never been available to us before. Take advantage of this rare opportunity -- put in the work and reap the benefits of an energetic upgrade to fortify your connection to Spirit.

One way to do this is through a sacred journey to the pyramids in Mexico. I'm excited to announce I will be doing another Women's Sacred Journey to Teotihuacan Mexico after a unique and beautiful trip last year. You can read a recap of last year's trip here.

From March 9 - 14, 2020 I will be taking an intimate group of 15 women on a journey to the sacred pyramids of Teotihuacan outside of Mexico City. We will channel this new energy to explore the mystery of Teotihuacan in relationship to our inner light, in connection with other women and the Divine Feminine.

How to describe Teotihuacan is like describing the taste of ripe mangoes. It’s nearly impossible to describe the ineffable. I have been going to Teotihuacan for nearly twenty years. Each time, my spirit is renewed and I return to life ready to begin anew. My intentions are clarified because they are aligned with who I am and what I’m here to do. Doubt and fear are removed. I feel as if I radiate light.

I want to share this experience with you! What makes my journeys unique to other teachers doing amazing work in Teo, is that I have been called by the Divine Feminine to bring women there so She can work with them!

Right now I'm offering a $100 discount to those who register now. Prices go up January 1! Space is very limited and filled up fast last year. If you would like to reserve your spot I'm accepting deposits of $500 to hold your spot. 

This promises to be a magical journey and I hope you can join me and my assistants, Kelly Walsh and Donna Jackson.



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