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Summer Solstice Brings Illumination: Thoughts from Hawaii

Aloha From the Big Island

Aloha! I’m fortunate enough to be writing this from the Big Island, Hawaii, on the night of the full strawberry moon. We are just a few days away from summer solstice, and as I contemplate the transition from spring into summer, I know that many of you are preparing for warmer, sunny days, kids off from school, vacations, gardening, accessibility to nature, slowing down, and many of the pleasures that summer offers us.

As we approach the longest day of the year, it occurs to me that everything IS illuminated right now. The corruption in the political system, our inhumanity to one another as a race, our fast-paced competitive culture and all the ways we have demonstrated gross irresponsibility to the care of the earth – all is illuminated now.

But in a dualistic system, there is always the opposite – there is so much good occurring as well. The corrupted systems are being exposed for what they are. Many people, all around the world are working hard politically, psychologically, and spiritually for the transformation of the collective – and the vibration IS raising! It is important to remember that chaos ensues before order, and not to lose faith. Keep the light on those doubts!

I believe that the only possible way through the maelstrom is to keep shining light upon the shadows of our systems, culturally and personally. Only then can we begin to influence the balance to shift our awareness as a race in order to combat the destruction all around us.

In Hawaii, I’m experiencing Mother Earth in all of her power and glory. Pele, the goddess of the volcano, is strong. Life is pulsating everywhere here, from the constant motion of the ocean, the soft warm wind that carries the scents of plumeria, bougainvillea, lilies and other dizzying and delicious native Hawaiian flowers, to the jungle palms that click like shamans’ rattles in the breeze.

The other day, while visiting a tropical botanical garden, I was gifted with a sacred experience. I looked up, through the sun-lit leaves of a giant banyan tree, whose branches spread over an area of about half a city block. I felt a distinct and powerful shift in my energy. With many years of shamanic training behind me, I know enough to stop and pay attention when this feeling knocks on the door of my awareness.

I found my way to a bench and sat down amongst the beauty and aliveness of this tropical jungle garden. I closed my eyes as if to begin a meditation, but the energy was so strong in me it was actually almost painful to contain. It was as if all of the atoms in my physical and psychic body were expanding – more and more each moment. I felt as if my personal being was expanding and becoming one with the nature around and within me. The audible peeps of the frogs, crickets clacking and shimmering palms and leaves gave way to an inner expansion of – YES and YES and YES. I understood that I was a part of everything in that moment. Gaia, Pele, the Divine Feminine was alive and en force within me! I saw the creation of that garden as the world, creating itself over and over again, into infinity! This went on for some time – I don’t know how long, but the power of it cannot be described in words.

The experience came to closure, but the gift I carry within is immeasurable. I know that nature will continue to create Herself, but that we have a responsibility to care for Her, and to care for each other, within the revolving framework of an evolutionary world. As we approach the solstice, let’s look to the Light for inspiration and guidance. Plant a few seeds. Look up at the light. Say thank you for life.

Ho’Opononpono (Hawaiian prayer of reconciliation)

Please forgive me

I’m sorry

Thank you

I love you.

Aloha! Mahalo!



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