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Mitote Success

Kelly Walsh and I at the Mitote Dreaming Ceremony in July

Our annual mitote, all night dreaming ceremony was a huge success! We totaled 30 people who moved in and out of their dream time, wandering sleepily to and from the fire, and to the many stations we provided, representing fire, water, earth and air. After an intensive afternoon of breathwork, teaching, sharing and eating from Taylor’s beautiful table, everyone settled into their mitote experience. I have been receiving notes from many participants eager to share their journeys. 

Here is a quote from Maria: “….every inner want and longing that had dogged me fell away completely. I felt a channel of strong light and energy open from the top of my head and link with energy above, moving back and forth so powerfully and easily. It was the most powerful spiritual experience I have had in ages, maybe ever.”

Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart who came in earnest, and stayed with their process from start to finish. May you all continue to be blessed by the sacred mitote energy that ran through us all that midsummer night’s dreaming night! 



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