For thousands of years shamans knew how to “see” energy, and they knew how to shift it for healing purposes.  We are all comprised of electromagnetic energy, which, with training, almost anyone can learn to perceive and work with.  By clearing the luminous field of energy, we can clear issues from the past and perhaps even past lives in a fraction of the time in takes in traditional psychotherapy.  By shifting the “assemblage point” of our energy field we begin to “feel better.”  Many people report a general sense of well being, a lightness, a sense of connection to others and to the environment that wasn’t there before.  We can have a trained energy practitioner do this for us, and we can also learn, through practice to do it for ourselves through meditation and breathing techniques that eventually shift our state of awareness.

A healing despacho (dispatch of prayers.)

A healing despacho (dispatch of prayers.)

Antonia offers private energy healing sessions by appointment, in person or distance healing by phone.

A graduate of the Light Body School at The Four Winds Society with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, Antonia brings Peruvian shamanism together with years of shamanic and spiritual training, travel, intuitive experience and psychotherapeutic, bioenergetic, and spiritual practice into her sessions with clients. She has worked with a variety of teachers and shamans including Francisco Rico, Andrew Harvey and indigenous Peruvian shamans.




Energy work may include:

  • illuminations
  • extractions
  • soul retrieval 
  • clearing pain and trauma
  • healing on every level (physical, emotional, spiritual).

The Munay-KiThe literal meaning of munay-ki is "I love you" or "Be As Thou Art." 

The munay-ki, from the mountain people, the Laika, or indigenous people of Peru, have passed down the gift of these sacred transmissions, which are now available to anyone who requests them who has been trained to transmit them. 

Antonia Greene offers these rites to anyone free of charge (excluding time for consultation and mentoring).   Please call for more information or visit the The Four Winds Society and click on munay-ki for more detailed information.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, you can reach Antonia Greene at 206-465-9172 or by email to antonia@antoniagreene.com 

Dream - Walker Mitote Ceremony

July 27-28

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These were the woods the river and sea
Where a boy
Whispered the truth of his joy.
To the trees and the stones and the fish in the tide.
And the mystery sang alive.

-  Dylan Thomas