Antonia is a dynamic and warm group leader, and has a passion for facilitating workshops and groups, having led groups for women, couples, shamanic ‘medicine work’, transformational work, expressive arts therapy and bioenergetics (somatic) groups, and ‘Listening Mother’ groups. She was an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University, teaching and supervising students there.

Besides her private practice, Antonia now leads groups mostly for people interested in shamanic and transformational work.

Antonia has led groups teaching the Andean (Peruvian) tradition of the Medicine Wheel and has facilitated many different workshops with an emphasis on the Toltec tradition. 

Antonia leads a yearly Mitote, an all night dreaming ceremony on her property on Vashon Island. She holds regular fire ceremonies there as well. 

She has worked with indigenous shamans and medicine people in Peru, Mexico and Colombia, and has hosted shamans, such as “Grandmother Nadia” from as far away as Siberia.  

Antonia is very grateful for she has learned from them all.

If you are interested in starting a group with friends or community or company?  Let Antonia know what your needs are and she will design the appropriate group for you.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Antonia at  or 206-465-9172.

Her upcoming workshop, Renewal and Remembering, is open to participants.

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Dream-Walking Workshop & Mitote

July 28-29

Experience a potentially life - changing event!

The Mitote (Meh toe tay) is a highly-charged energetic transmission of light.

This transmission penetrates outmoded ways of being and thinking.

It can ignite, inspire and deepen our experience with ourselves, our relationships and our environment.



BELOW...Antonia's Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan